About Us

Dalton & Owens has been providing high-quality electrical services to Lake and Sumter counties since 1975.  Founder and current owner, Terry Dalton, formed the company in response to an economic recession that created a need for an economical, low-overhead electrical services solution.

Over the last 35 years, Dalton & Owens has established a reputation as being the best and easiest to work with in the industry. Their ability to weather the economic “storms” attests to their staying power and their loyal customer base.  They continuously work with many local businesses, builders and residents to solve all of their electrical issues.

The management team at Dalton & Owens oversees projects and focuses on delivering professional, consistent results that keep customers satisfied.  Vice President Dennis Smith has been with the company for almost 30 years, and has been a tremendous positive influence in leading the company towards success.  Managers Tom Stout and Scott Stewart are also valuable assets that make the company better each and every day.

Our Values

Dalton & Owens has five values that we strive to uphold.  These values are the key to maintaining high-quality and professional work that result in our customers’ overall satisfaction.

1)      Communication – Being available to clients through every stage of the service process

2)      Teamwork – Holding every member of our team accountable for their actions so that all will take pride in their work

3)      Quality – Never cutting corners to save time or money; producing a superior product within the time and budget constraints

4)      Service – Dealing fairly with every client, no matter how large or small the project

5)      Honesty – Utilizing integrity and ethical professionalism in all of our work