From hotels to churches, and from retail outlets to medical plazas, we have done it all.  Call Dalton & Owens today for all of your commercial electrical needs.

  • Engineering and Estimating
  • Hotel Renovations
  • New Construction
  • Retail Construction and Build-outs
  • Old Building Electrical Upgrade
  • Commercial Generator Installation
  • New Lighting Design and Installation
  • Emergency Service Calls

Some of Our Satisfied Customers:

Matthews/Hanna Construction
Signature Enterprises
Wagner Construction
City of Leesburg
Lake County Schools
SECO (Service Contract)
Sandy Development
Fisher Construction
Hawkins Construction
Steinmetz Construction
Capitol Building Corp.
Vaughan Construction
Twetan Custom Builders
United Partners Group

Did You Know?
Approximately 40% of broken air-conditioners are caused by electrical issues.
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