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Posted on November 2, 2010
at 1:46 pm
Written / posted by: daltonowens
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Rudi Andries says:

Dear Scott and staff

I did some plumbing work at Cecelia’s place today and – doing so- had the opportunity to look at the electric work done. There is only one word: awesome ! And if there is the need for another word: perfect !

Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job. You all know you made Cecelia’s place from being harmful, an incident waiting to happen, to “it’s OK to plug in another appliance without burning the place down” .

Also thanks for powering the electric water heater. It is active as we speak/ write and it is amazing how good this little unit puts out “endless” hot water. Well, it certainly has a powerful new service line and enough breakers now in case it fails (=: ) !

Thank you again; it is great to know that there are still professionals out there striving for excellence. I certainly will continue to refer clients to “Dalton&Owens” for any electric work to be done.

with respect,

Rudi Andries

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Commented June 3rd, 2011
at 8:07 am
By: Rudi Andries

Pat Goss says:

Shawn Towers was a GREAT electrician. You are lucky to have him, Pat.

PS: Thanks for sending someone out so quickly.

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Commented June 3rd, 2011
at 8:40 am
By: Pat Goss

Peggy Copare says:

Our new monument sign. Thanks to the excellent work of J.W. Berry Signs; Dalton & Owens Electric Services, Inc. On Schedule

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Commented June 3rd, 2011
at 9:01 am
By: Peggy Copare

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